In 2015, Partridge Foundation, a John and Polly Guth Charitable Fund, gave $250,000 for research at EMMC Cancer Care. The Partridge Foundation challenged EMMC to raise an additional $250,000 per designated period, and pledged to match each $250,000 up to a total of $1.25 million. Your support will help us meet our goal by expanding our clinical research program and building further collaboration between scientists and EMMC physicians.

This year, nearly 9,000 Mainers will hear the terrifying words, “you have cancer.” As a donor to EMMC Cancer Care, you know that your gift makes a difference to these patients. Did you know that you are also helping future generations— not just in Maine but across the world? Promising discoveries are being made in oncology research, helping to shape how we understand prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. We are proud to contribute to the global fight against cancer, right here in Maine.

A gift to research at EMMC Cancer Care supports:

  • Clinical trials: Currently, 53 adult and 33 pediatric oncology trials are available, bringing new, leading-edge treatments to Brewer so patients of all ages can stay closer to home,
  • EMMC BioBank: A program that allows patients to donate tissue samples for research. More than 200 patients contribute to the BioBank every year.
  • Translational Research: A program that works to translate research findings from the laboratory to clinical trials, analyzing tissue samples, testing new drug therapies and identifying local cancer trends and characteristics.


Your support of these EMMC Foundation initiatives will help us meet the goal of the Partridge Fund challenge grant:
EMMC Champion the Cure Challenge
EMMC Foundation Annual Fund

Click here for our printable 2017 EMMC Cancer Appeal